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Gothic-Gospel Juju anyone?


The Black Tongued Bells’ American Swamp Music is a steamy gumbo of gothic-gospel juju, hopped up rock & roll, and dirt-pounding juke joint blues. After 13 years, hundreds of shows, rave reviews, and now worldwide airplay of their new CD; “Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell,” the Bells are infecting listeners with a flash-bang fever from which it is difficult to recover.  

Every tongue has a tale to tell and The Bells have more than their share. The Bells took their name from a Dylan Thomas poem and, in the fall of 2001, set out to create their own brand of roots music—dubbed “American Swamp Music”. They tap everything from Roots Rock and Roll, Blues, and Motown to Americana, Cajun, and Gospel. Once forced to describe the Bells sound in a single sentence, D. Miner replied; “Imagine if the Stones came from Louisiana…they might sound like us”. 

The Black Tongued Bells are: 

D. Miner: Guitars, Lead Vocals 
Louis Cox: Backing Vocals, Percussion  
Mary Stuart: Backing Vocals, Percussion
John Snakebite Sleeger: Bass, Backing Vocals 
Brian Wells: Drums, Percussion


Want to learn more about The Black Tongued Bells, their music, and their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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